Eyelash growth liquid in recent years, popular, many people believe that Eyelash length equal to struggled with increased fluid, it can be, very good growth, but it depends on what brand, some brands are relatively poor, even if you spent all day on, there is no effect. So choose, good Eyelash growth liquid, liquid is equal to the length of growth before we can say that eyelashes.

Latisse has been growth in liquid for more than 200,000 customers choose the lipocils! 10 buy latisse products customers, there are 9 reflect effective! Consumers sound the most authentic!

I introduced a very practical way, here come learn with me to learn about Eyelash growth liquid method!

Eyelash growth liquid effects: allows lashes to dense, and eyelash growth, ten days time, eyelashes can be longer now.

Eyelash growth liquid usage:

1, before using Eyelash growth liquid, use an eyelash curler clip your eyelashes, Eyelash curling.

2, with Eyelash growth liquid, painted lashes, mascara, horizontal parallel to the eye.

3, starting from the root of lashes coated slowly from the roots to the tail ends of lashes, repeat 4-5 times.

4 and finally, painted lower lashes, Rod mascara stood up, perpendicular to the eye, as if in a painting "z" tactics, repeatedly apply 4-5 on the line.

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  • Dec 17, 2016
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