A woman with lengthy, thicker and darker eyelashes is very trendy and covetable today. Everyone wants to look like her and there are many ways to achieve that. First, one can apply a synthetic eyelash enhancer such as an extension. There are many types of extensions including the fake ones for everyday application. To use these, a woman would require strong, safe, latex adhesive and the most appropriate eyelash.

The most permanent and expensive method of enhancing the appearance of lashes is through a cosmetic surgery (eyelash implantation). Since the doctor will have to transplant a part of the hair that grows on the scalp, the procedure is clinical. It's painful and will take one to three hours to be over. The implantation process is complex and that is why you want a real doctor to perform it.

To date, a product by the name, Latisse is the best selling in the U.S as it boasts approval by the FDA. Its distribution is legal in the country and many women have already tried it. Though the prior FDA recommendation was that the drug be prescribed, many users are buying it on the counter. The FDA had warned that the product could produce undesirable results if not recommended by a medical doctor. So, Latisse is not an over the counter option and you should never try to buy it without seeking clinical advice.

According to a prior N Y Times report, buy latisse products has almost zero complaints, but it can change a user's eye color temporarily if used correctly. On the other hand, if one does not follow instructions, the eye color may turn brown or green from its lovely blue color for good. Another issue associated with improper use of the eyelash enhancer is unplanned hair development in odd places. For it to produce the intended results, you must apply it along the eyelid alone.

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  • Dec 29, 2016
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