How To Use Lattise, is very simple and not messy at all. This is how to use it, use Lattise each night on the upper eyelid margin only once with the accompanying applicator; the applicator must be discarded after each use. Lattice Solution is not intended to be applied to the lower eyelash line it is topically applied on the base of your upper eyelashes. The eye gel is necessarily applied only once, to accelerate eye lashes to intensify more. Ensure that contact lenses be detached prior to every application.

Lattise is a prescription-treatment drug applied precisely to the bottom of the upper eyelid. The eyelashes are estimated to grow within eight weeks and will be getting longer and lengthen for up to 16 weeks the most, subsequent to the initial treatment. The vital effects after using the wonder product could be sustained with constant application of Lattice solution. It specialises for treating eyelash hypotrichosis, having inadequate eyelashes, eyelids tissue damaged and chemotherapy treated patients that lose their eyelashes.

LATISSE is derived from the glaucoma eye drop, Lumigan. Patients who are fully dependent of using Lumigan encounter significant eyelash growth that is very effective as eyelash enhancer as noted. Therefore, Latisse experts found a way to turn the drug into a gel that can be used as a topical solution on the eye. LATISSE is applied to the top of the eyelid like an eye liner to reach comfortably to the roots of the lashes.

This how simple the steps on how to use the product, Latisse ophthalmic eye drop solution every woman's valuable solution to achieve a thicker and longer eyelash every one of us are dreaming of.


  • Feb 04, 2017
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