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No matter what advertisements suggest, no special mascara formula will turn short, stubby eyelashes into a luxuriously long fringe. All cosmetics can do is build on the foundation that’s already there. Latisse literally stimulates lash growth, giving you longer, darker and thicker lashes. While this beauty can come at at a premium price, you can do much better than what your doctor’s office can offer. If you are looking for discount Latisse prices, look no further then Bella Medspa.

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Latisse still requires medical consultation, but can provide you with the best price you’ll find on Latisse to grow long, lush lashes. Your Latisse best price option comes from extensive contacts in the industry. Smaller medspas, aestheticians and doctor’s offices can’t get the discount latisse price provides because they lack the volume to offer the lowest prices on Latisse.

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